New staff members joined the Koebitai office!

Spring is the season for new encounters, and two new staff members joined the Koebitai office this spring!
This is their greetings and repot on their first activities.

【Teshima】4/3(Wed.) My first job was delivering newspapers!

My name is Akiko Shioyama, and I joined the Koebi office this spring!

I was born in Kumamoto Prefecture, and I moved to Takamatsu City from Tokyo this spring.
I first encountered the Setouchi Triennale 2010 when I was a student, and I also participated in 2013 and 2022 as the Koebitai’s Staff,
It's spring, a spring that is full of heart and excitement as I am reunited with old sights and friends. I am back as a newcomer and will do my best with a fresh spirit. I look forward to working with you all!

This is a report on the "Shima Kitchen Shimbun Delivery April 2024" activity held on April 3, in Teshima.
Shima Kitchen Shimbun is a handwritten newspaper that informs everyone living in the island about Shima Kitchen, events on the island, Setouchi Triennale, etc. It is dirivered monthly to all households in Teshima.

I thought It would be a great activity at the perfect time of year, coinciding perfectly with the blooming of the cherry blossoms.
So I had planned to "take a lunch break to see the cherry blossoms!"

Unfortunately, it was raining that day! As we started to distribute...the maps got wet. It was hard work with the poor footing, but today, 8 Koebitai members made the delivery, and we finished distributing to all the houses in the first 6 hours!

【Megijima】4/6(Sat.) Reinstalled "Sea Gulls"

My name is Taichi Yamamoto. I will be working at the Koebitai office from April 1.
I was born in Kagawa prefecture. I have been a member of Koebitai since 2010, and I worked at the Koebitai office from 2011 to 2020.
I am looking forward to working with you all in the preparation and operation of the Setouchi Triennale again!

This time, we reinstalled " Sea Gulls Parking Lot". It is a regular springtime task on Megijima.
During the winter, some of the seagulls had been removed and stored to protect from the strong winds known as "otoshi" hitting the island.
Now as spring has come, they were reinstalled by our hands.

The installed seagulls were securely fastened using tools to prevent them from flying away in the wind, and then wiped clean with a towel.
The installation of the "Sea Gulls Parking Lot " was completed! The sight of all the seagulls facing in the same direction in a row is a sight to behold. From now on, the seagulls will be the first to greet visitors arriving at Megijima by Ferry from Takamatsu Port.

Japan's long holiday will start just a few more days away. Artworks on Megijima will also open.





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