Citrus Festival in Oshima and Daffodil Festival in Ogijima

The Citrus Festival took place on February 10 -12 for three days!

A citrus workshop was held on the island of Oshima. A Koebi-tai activity that has taken place every year since February 2010, this is the workshop where we use natsudaidai oranges and pomelos to make marmalade, and to pickle them in syrup.

This was the first time in four years that we started the activity from harvesting. The two natsudaidai orange trees that Mr. Nomura, a sanatorium resident, is growing once belonged to other residents of Oshima. Mr. Nomura has inherited them and is growing them with care.

The natsudaidai oranges abundantly harvested at this time of the year are best for making marmalade. The peels contain a lot of water, and that is why when made into marmalade it tastes so good. When Mr. Nomura harvested the fruit in late April, he told us that he was looking forward to eating it. It seems refreshing and delicious.

Moreover, we also gathered pomelos right next to the natsudaidai orange tree. The harvest was completed in about 30 minutes, and then we took the pomelos to cafe SHIYORU.

Before processing the fruits, we went to the charnel house for greetings. From the second day onwards, we also visited the charnel house for greetings before proceeding to the natsudaidai orange tree where we had harvested.

We washed the natsudaidai oranges and pomelos. The natsudaidai oranges were processed into marmalade, and we also made pomelo syrup. In three days, we were able to handle all the natsudaidai oranges and pomelos. Cafe SHIYORU is scheduled to reopen in spring, and we shall prepare sweets and drinks. Please come and taste Mr. Nomura’s natsudaidai oranges and pomelos on Oshima.

We went to participate and help out at Ogijima Lighthouse Daffodil Festival on February 28 (Sun)!

It is the blooming season of daffodils on Ogijima, and the Ogijima Lighthouse Daffodil Festival has taken place. At the port area, locals from the island organized a pop-up market and events. The Koebi-tai helped on various occasions, such selling “jako soup” and providing guidance at the lighthouse.

What is “jako soup”? It is a kind of miso soup that contains a variety of small fish, such as black rockfish. With a good dashi stock and rich in ingredients, this was a very popular miso soup.

At the pop-up market, foodstuffs such as bento lunchboxes, curry, bread and baked sweets were available. Moreover, one could also enjoy drinks and cotton candy, or have fun at the shooting gallery. You may even try wearing AR glasses to tour the island virtually.

It is only on an island that you can buy fresh fish from fisherman at an unbeatable price. Local housewives also came shopping.

On this day, the interior of Ogijima Lighthouse was open to the public. As usually it is prohibited to enter the Lighthouse on other days, there were many visitors lining up. To avoid chaos, Koebi-tai members worked with the Japan Coast Guard and Ogijima Tourism Association to provide guidance.

For the first time in a while, Ogijima was packed with visitors. The Daffodil Festival takes place throughout February, and don’t miss the opportunity to go and see the beautiful daffodils!





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