Let’s Start 2024! First Activities: Newspaper Delivery and Helping Out at Shima Kitchen

Before introducing our first activities in 2024, let us talk a little bit about what we did in December 2023.

In December, we made shimekazari (a type of traditional new year’s decoration) for the decoration of the Island’s Birthday Party, carried out maintenance work near artworks, cleaned up Shima Kitchen, and did mochi-pounding on Oshima and Ogijima. These activities marked the end of the year in Japan.

Island’s Birthday Party

Learning to make shimekazari from a famous master on Teshima

Maintenance work in Shamijima

In front of Yoshitaka Nanjo’s artwork, in Shamijima after cleaning up

Shima Kitchen

We spent two days cleaning every corner of Shima Kitchen, including the kitchen, engawa veranda, and dirt floor.

Mochi Pounding

For the first time in a while, sanatorium residents, staff members and Koebi-tai members gathered on Oshima to make mochi rice cake.

By the end of the year, we also made mochi together with islanders on Ogijima from an early morning. We made strawberry daifuku using strawberries from Teshima, too.

In the new year, Koebi activities started on January 6 (Sat).We had a good start this year too.First, let us introduce the cheerful newspaper delivery team!

Newspaper delivery was a two-day activity. Participants went to all the hamlets on Teshima, visited household after household to hand out copies of the handwritten Shima Kitchen Shimbun.
On the first day, January 6, a three-year-old Koebi-tai member joined the mother and participated together.
Meeting this cute newspaper deliverer, people on the island were very happy!
We also received mandarin oranges at local homes where we delivered the newspaper, and had a great time together.

On the second day of newspaper delivery, January 7 (Sun), we were able to meet many local people on the island.
When we greeted them and said, “Looking forward to another great year with you!” they responded and greeted with us politely.
Although the wind was cold and there were occasional showers of rain, we carried out the activities under the blue sky, by the beautiful sea, and in the refreshing air.
This was only the first step in the new year, but actually each of us walked over 10,000 steps on that day!

Next, let’s talk about the Shima Kitchen!
The restaurant was open for three consecutive days, from January 6 (Sat) to the Coming of Age Day on January 8 (Mon).
On the first opening day in the new year, the Shima Kitchen Set came with a large and meaty fried tongue sole fish.

The dish looked so delicious that the Koebi-tai members who brought the food also felt excited♪
January 7 (Sun) was the middle day of the three-day holiday streak, and customers came one after another. Even in the hectic situation, Koebi-tai members skillfully guided customers, served food, and took care of the washing area, making it through teamwork.

January 8. Everyone looked at the green onions being cut for food preparation

On January 8 (Mon), a Koebi-tai member studying in a high school actively talked to customers and had enjoyable exchanges.

This year is the preparation year for Setouchi Triennale 2025.
From now on our activities will start little by little. Let’s all get warmed up.
Let’s have another great year working together!





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