Screening at ISLAND THEATRE MEGI and Delivery of Shima Kitchen Shimbun

First of all, we shall introduce the film screening at ISLAND THEATRE MEGI on November 5th.

The ISLAND THEATRE MEGI started hosting its annual film screening in 2016. A familiar event, it has also seen changes. In the beginning, it was centered on famous films recommended by Director Kitagawa.

・How Green Was My Valley(1941)
・The Big Sleep(1946)
・La Bohème(2008)

After that, we have presented works that were shot in the Setouchi region, and those in which the performers are in relation to Setouchi Triennale or Director Kitagawa.

・Tsuribaka Nisshi(1988)
・The Naked Island(1960)

Since the summer of 2022, we have welcomed film directors as our guests. After the film viewing, Director Kitagawa and the film director would hold a special talk. This time, we have invited Satoko Yokohama, the director of The Actor (2015). This fall Director Yokohama was working on a new work in Setouchi.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, we reached out to her, and the film screening was hence decided.

“Recently I have watched all the four feature films by Director Yokoyama!” Director Kitagawa exclaimed. During the talk that was possible only at the ISLAND THEATRE MEGI film screening, he proceeded to ask his counterpart questions from various angles; topics of the conversation included cinematic techniques employed in the film.

We enjoyed dinner after the film screening. The main dish included fish caught from the Seto Inland Sea.

Last but not least, there was a special treat only available during ISLAND THEATRE MEGI film screening: the night program of MECON. We also visited Leandro Erlich’s The Presence of Absence.

Next, we shall talk about the delivery of Shima Kitchen Shimbun.

Shima Kitchen Shimbun is a monthly community newspaper, in which we introduce to Teshima residents the latest news from Shima Kitchen, updates about the island, and information related to the art festival.
Every month, the Koebi-tai delivers the Shima Kitchen Shimbun to mailboxes attached to houses on Teshima.

The delivery took place on two days and the weather was great on both. The sky was clear, with occasional cool breezes.

On the first day, there were four Koebi-tai members participating. They were split into two groups and joined by a Koebi staff. Looking at the map, they parted and went delivering.

Upon everyone’s wish, we had lunch on the beach of Kou! Relaxing at Heather B.Swann + Nonda Katsalidis’s Place for Sea Dreamers, strolling along the beach, everyone had a pleasant time. On that day, I checked the pedometer on my phone, and realized that I had walked approximately 12,000 steps.

The participating Koebi-tai members on the second day were also full of energy!
We went to Karato-oka in the morning, and Karato-hama in the afternoon, for delivery.
Although there were first-timers in the group, they were able to talk with the islanders and had fun.
Depending on the weather and the number of participating Koebi-tai members, the pace of Shima Kitchen Shimbun delivery changes from time to time.
Let’s walk at a comfortable pace while enjoying the encounter with islanders.





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