Oshima and Teshima Summer Festivals – We Were There!

To Friends Overseas:
You will find excerpts from our Japanese blog translated into English. Although the English version will be available a bit later than the Japanese one, please be sure to give the newsletter a read! This month, the summer festivals on Oshima and Teshima in August are featured – lives on the islands have been back to normal. Moreover, The Setouchi Triennale 2025 Event Outline has been recently announced. We the Koebi-tai will engage in everyday life on the islands, while getting prepared for the upcoming art festival in 2025.

First of all, let’s have a look at the Oshima Summer Festival on August 2, which was held for the first time in four years.
The festival this year was on a smaller scale than before. Participation was limited to residents and related parties of Seishoen, as well as families of staff members. The Koebi-tai assisted in selling draft beer.

There, we were able to meet the residents again whom we had not met for quite a while due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We saw them enjoying the Summer Festival.
There was a fireworks display toward the end of the Summer Festival. The fireworks of Oshima symbolize the repose of souls of the deceased. They were launched from the pier just in front of the festival venue, and the night sky was aglow with bright colors. What a beautiful fireworks display! It was the first time to watch it after quite a while, and we shared the moment together with the residents, watching the fireworks over the pine trees.

After that, the Teshima Summer Festival took place on August 13. In the morning, the preparation for the stage and turret began, and the atmosphere of Ieura Port was filled with excitement. The Teshima Summer Festival, having taken place after a hiatus, is an annual event on the island which many people have been looking forward to. In the evening that day, island residents went on the stage one by one. From band performance to rakugo, the variety of talents showcased by the locals of Teshima was amazing. Children performed and drew big cheers.

Children, young, grandpas and grandmas formed a circle and danced. The circle gradually grew larger, and developed into two – and then three - layers, exuberated with the fervor of dancing and singing.
And the pinnacle – the fireworks!
Cries of joy erupted everywhere whenever a firework was launched, and the “Starmine” (rapid fireworks) met with a tremendous cheer!
We are looking forward to participating in the Teshima Summer Festival again next year!





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