To Friends Travelling from Overseas to Join Koebitai Activities for Summer/Autumn

■ Steps to take before volunteering
〈Preparing and Confirmation〉
Step 1:Get ready to join Koebitai, coordinate your travel plans.
Step2:Make sure you’ve read about the Koebi dormitory and the art receptionist role.
◎About Koebi Dormitory →
◎About the Art Receptionist →

■ Application procedure
Step 1: Signing up for Koebitai newsletter if you have not done so →

Step 2:Fill out the form to register in Koebitai activities and dormitory.
Please apply for the schedule that you can participate in the activities of Koebitai from below.
If you stay in Koebi dormitory, you can apply by the same form.
Please apply by e-mail or Google Form.

We will Koebitai activities are available in the period when the Koebi Dormitory is open.
Please decide the dates and apply for your intended period first; assignment of volunteer duties will be discussed and proceeded at the Koebitai Office.
Due to the limit of amount, we are sorry to inform we have to close the application of the dates below.
■19th-21th,27th July(female room)
For those Koebi volunteers from far away who interest in our activity, we are sorry for this notification.
The other hotels and guest houses in Takamatsu are crowded during the session, please be careful of your schedule.
For those who would like to join Koebi activity in other dates, we suggest you decide your plan and make the application as soon as possible!

●For the periods right before Summer Session and Autumn Session, volunteers are to help with the making of artworks.
●During the Triennale sessions, the key volunteer duties are known as “Art Receptionist.” →
●After the Autumn Session, volunteers will be assigned to dismantle the artworks, or any other duties in the removal process.

Step 3: You will receive an email about activity details 2 days before the date of duty. For long-term participants from overseas, please make sure that you have brought everything you need!

Step 4: Day of duty. Let’s go!

If you can't see the google form, please let us know below by Email
1,First name Family name and Nickname
3,Date of Birth
4,Have you signed up with the Koebitai newsletters (“mail magazine”) ? Yes or No
5,Email Address
6,Dates of joining Koebitai Activity(from-to)
7,Will you stay at the Koebi Dormitory? Yes or No
8,Check-in date at the Koebi Dormitory
9,Will you join to Koebitai activity on Check-in day? Yes or No
10,Check-in time (From 5:00pm to 9:00pm)
11,Check-out date
12,Will you join to Koebitai activity on Check-out day? Yes or No
13,Have you participated in volunteer activities for other art festivals in Japan? If so, what are the names of these art festivals?
14,How will you get to Takamatsu JR Station?
15,Please indicate your flight schedule:
16,What’s your mother tongue?
17,Can speak any other language(s) as well?
18,Proficiency in Japanese:
19,Your message





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