【About the Koebi Dormitory】We start accepting applications for Summer/Autumn Session from 6/19 (Wed)!

The Koebi Dormitory, which has been temporarily closed upon the end of Spring Session, will reopen before the Summer Session. This time, it will be open until the end of Autumn Session without break. Long-term stays are welcome!

■Application available from June 19 (Wed)
■The Dormitory opens from July 5 (Fri) to November 16 (Sat)

■About the Koebi dormitory: We have prepared the Dormitory for volunteers from distant places and countries to support the artwork making and management for Setouchi Triennale. Long-term stays are welcome! The Dormitory is a facility where participating Koebitai volunteers can stay for free, in order to facilitate their duties during the Setouchi Triennale 2019. The Dormitory is a communal space, please read the following application guidelines carefully. The Dormitory consists of large common spaces with Japanese-style bedding (futon) side by side, and no private room would be available. There is no shower room or bathroom in the Dormitory; Dormitory users will need to visit the Japanese style (shared) public bath nearby. Those who opt for a private room and shower may choose from a wide range of hotels and guesthouses in Takamatsu city at her/his own expense.


■ About Activities and Koebi Dormitory
For those who stay in the Dormitory, activities will be assigned by the Koebitai Office every day; no separate application is needed. You are welcome to let us know the activity and/or island of your wish. (However, we cannot promise that your wish will be fulfilled definitely. Thank you for your understanding.) In principle, long-term participants staying in the Dormitory can take a day off for every four days of volunteering duties.

Takamatsu city (approx. 20 minutes by walk / 10 minutes by bicycle from the Koebitai office near Takamatsu port)

■About check-in: Check-in time: 17:00-21:00
If you arrive one night before the start of Koebitai activities: check-in is available between 17:00-21:00 in the Koebitai office If you arrive the same day as the start of Koebitai activities: check-in is available between 17:00-19:00 in Koebitai office
*Please contact us beforehand and let us know your estimated arrival time.
*If you cannot arrive on time please also let us know.
*If you arrive in the morning before the volunteers’ morning meeting starts, you may leave your luggage to us until the evening.

■About check-out: Check-out time: 10:00
*If you still have volunteer work on that day, please bring along your luggage to the morning meeting.
We can keep your luggage in our staff dormitory if you inform us no later than one day before check-out.

■Curfew|22:00 Light-out|23:00

■Things that you should prepare
Necessary items for volunteer activities (both artwork making and reception): Lunch, drink, towels, hats, comfortable wear and sneakers, passport/ID.

Clothing:long-sleeved clothes, long trousers(to prevent sunburn and insect bites), comfortable sneakers, towels, hats. You should choose your clothing that is suitable for working outdoors, and that you do not mind if it gets dirty.

It is very hot under the punishing sun. Don’t forget your towel, hat and plenty of water. You should not wear the following things for volunteer activity: short pants, high heels, sandals, crocs shoes. Please make sure to bring long sleeves, long trousers, sneakers, towels and hats. Since the dormitory cannot provide things such as bath or face towels and toiletries, etc., please remember to bring anything you need during your stay.

▶︎Things that are available: Shampoo, conditioner, body soap (in the public bath)
▶︎Things that are not available: towels, sleepwear, toothbrush, basic cosmetics, etc.

■Laundry and bath/shower: Since there are only 2 washing machines and 2 clothes dryers available in the Dormitory, please use it quickly in case other people also need to do the laundry. Since there is no bath and shower, please use the nearby public bath. The charge is around 400 yen per person.

■Meal and cooking facilities: The Dormitory does not serve meals, but there is a communal kitchen that you can use freely. Basic cooking equipment, such as refrigerator, rice cooker, microwave oven, etc., would be provided.

■Getting from the Koebitai office to the Dormitory: around 20 minutes on foot; around 10 minutes by bicycle. Bicycles would be provided by the Koebitai office (please note that we have only 20 bicycles available, to be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.) There is a paid bicycle rental service at the Takamatsu Station underground. * Please check the video for instructions: Reception hours: 7:00-22:00 Price: 200 yen (for less than 24 hours)

■Information about the surroundings of the Dormitory: There are restaurants, cafeterias, convenience stores, public baths and coin laundries in the vicinity of the Dormitory. We will provide a map of the area when you check in at the Koebitai office.

■Koebitai activities: The daily volunteer activities of those staying in the Dormitory are assigned by the Koebitai office. If you have any activity or island you would like to do or go to during your volunteer work, please write it in the remarks column. (Depending on the situation, however, the request may not be accepted.)

Please apply for the period that you would like to participate in the Koebitai activities and staying in Koebi Dormitory from below.

Koebitai Office Tel: +81 (0) 87 813 1741





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