Artwork Open for the Public During Golden Week!

In the blog entry this month, we shall introduce Koebi-tai activities during Japan’s Golden Week – a long streak of national holidays.

【Teshima】It was a great success during Golden Week! Let’s reveal the secret behind Koebi-tai’s power!

Teshima during Golden Week was a huge hit. Many visitors from Japan and overseas came to the island for Teshima Art Museum and other attractions. The Koebi-tai cheerfully received visitors at Shima Kitchen and Pipilotti Rist’s artwork.

Teshima is an island of gourmet food. Shima Kitchen offers home-cooked dishes using local ingredients; it is entering its fourteenth year this year. For the Koebi-tai, Shima Kitchen is a spiritual home as well as one of the most important artworks.

Thanks to the many reservations we received, Shima Kitchen was so busy that we had to hand out numbered tickets.

During Golden Week, Mikan House was also open for a limited time to offer special curry, and visitors enjoyed the curry on the terrace of Shima Kitchen. We did our best!

During the super busy Golden Week, staff meals offered by Shima Kitchen supported Koebi-tai members as they worked as hard as they could.

The reason why we do our best to make staff meals is not because our staff members are gluttonous. The ingredients used in Shima Kitchen are sourced with the cooperation of local islanders. However, from the island to the whole nation, the fishery environment has been changing in recent years. Fish that used to be caught in abundance are no longer available. Moreover, due to the aging population, it has become more difficult to maintain the fields as well.

As ingredients from the island are very precious, we want to use them up without leaving any leftovers and prepare the staff meals. We also want the Koebi-tai to closely experience the endeavors of local fishermen and farmers.

Of course, it is not only the staff meals that support Koebi-tai’s hard work in Shima Kitchen. More than anything, it is the chit-chat with local mothers who work in Shima Kitchen.
We always burst out laughing whenever they talk – it is hard to tell whether it is a joke or true story!
Chit-chatting with local mothers brightens our mood, and all of a sudden we do not feel tired!

While many Koebi-tai members have participated in activities on Teshima, local mothers remember each of the members. When any of us goes and participates for the first time in a while, they will say “Thank you for coming again.” There are no words that make us happier than this.

Art facilities on Teshima are open throughout the year! Delicious meals prepared by local mothers are waiting for you. Please come to join us again and again!

【Megijima・Ogijima】Artwork Open for the Public During Golden Week〜Miracle of Agave〜

Artworks on Megijima and Ogijima were open to the public in this year’s Golden Week!
It has been a while since these artworks were open last time, and Koebi-tai started performing maintenance tasks one month before.
As Golden Week was approaching, we were anxious and wondering, “will the visitors come?”

Wow, it was such a great hit that additional ferry service of Meon 2 was needed. “We did not expect so many visitors!” Koebi-tai members were all surprised!

Here is the key behind the great success: the agave at Shinro Ohtake’s artwork, MECON. It was planted in the courtyard when the artwork was produced in 2013.
Agave is a succulent plant native to Central and South America, which gets its Japanese name (which means “dragon tongue orchid”) from its dragon-tongue-shaped leaves. It is said that agave blooms only once in several decades.

Such an agave plant bloomed splendidly this Golden Week!
In fact, Ishiga-san from the Koebi-tai Office, who is responsible for Megijima, noticed some changes with the agave plant in November last year. She has been monitoring its growth for the past six months!

What's even more surprising is that the topic of agave blooming was even reported on TV news. Ishiga-san, as the first to discover what happened, was interviewed.
The effect of TV broadcasting was awesome! Every day in Golden Week many visitors came to the island to see the blooming agave.

Besides Shinro Ohtake’s artwork where the agave bloomed, we are thankful that other artworks on Megijima and Ogijima received many visitors as well. We are glad that we worked hard to prepare for the opening!

Not only MECON, other artworks that are surrounded by nature on islands also see small changes day after day.
Once again, we have recognized our wish to stay close to the artworks and continue seeing the changes.





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