For those who join us for the first time, and for those who have not participated in our activities for three years or above, addition/updating of information is required.
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                                Terms and Conditions for Koebitai Activities

                                • Koebi-tai is the volunteer group supporting Setouchi Triennale and Art Setouchi. During the time of participation, let’s understand the basic concepts of the art festival, and observe good manners.
                                • Please visit the homepage of Koebi-tai for the details of activities. For every activity there would be an announcement for recruitment. Please apply to join after checking with the details.
                                • The Office of Koebi-tai is under the umbrella of NPO Setouchi Koebi Network.
                                • Your participation in Koebi activities may be recorded as photographs or videos, which will be displayed on the homepage or social network for promotion purposes. If you are unwilling to get photographed, please let the Office know.
                                • Please refer to our “privacy policy” for details on the handling of personal information.
                                • For persons aged under 18, the participation in any Koebi activity is subject to agreement by your parent/guardian.
                                • For any change of information such as name, e-mail, or address of residence, etc., after your member registration, please inform the Office.
                                • For withdrawal from Koebi-tai, please write to the Office by e-mail.
                                • There is no subsidy for meals or transportation to the meeting place, etc., upon the participation in Koebi activities.
                                • Koebi activities on islands are covered by volunteers’ insurance.

                                This agreement is effective from Feb 1 2016.

                                Please read the terms and conditions carefully before registration.

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