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→Resister to KOEBI TAI!
→HOW to join activity!
→How to KOEBI TAI office from Takamatsu airport.
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Resister to KOEBI TAI!

How to be a "KOEBI TAI"
To be a "KOEBI TAI",please click here and fill out the registration form. Then,confirmation letter will be sent to your address. Now,you are a"KOEBI TAI". Regularly,you will receive "KOEBI LETTER". Sorry,it's written in Japanese.
Agreement of registration for KOEBI TAI (PDF:33.6KB)

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HOW to join activity!

If you can join activity, please feel free to contact us.
We will inform you about activity.

Contact information

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How to KOEBI TAI office from Takamatsu airport.

1. From Takamatsu airport, please take a airport shuttle bus and get off at "Takamatsu station".

It will take about 45 minutes and cost 760 yen.

2. MAP of KOEBI TAI's Office

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About dormitory.

* Dormitory will open only during the period of Setouchi Triennale.

If you join to Volunteer activity,you can stay at dormitory for free.

There is no towel,shampoo,toothbrush and so on at the dormitory,please bring the necessary thing.

You can use a washing machine and take a shower at bathroom for free.

No meals will be offered in the dormitory, please prepare by yourself.
You can buy foods at convenience store around the dormitory.

Please use bicycle,which can be rented at KOEBIT TAI's office, to the dormitory.(It takes about 15 minutes.)

There are convenience store, some restaurants,coin laundry and public bath around the dormitory.

We will explain about the dormitory and give you the MAP around the dormitory when you will come KOEBI TAI's office.